Planning for Results – are your projects organized and staffed for success?

Confused about the methodology to use on you project?  Unclear about the role should your PMO play?  Do you have the right skills to plan the project?  Are you clear how you will manage the risks?  What ROI or improvements are you expecting to achieve?  Are your resources aligned to deliver them? 

Project planning is wrought with risk. Even more so in the heated debate agile versus project management.  Higher thinking is not around which methodology to use. Instead, think about what outcomes you are seeking and seek to organize to achieve those faster. 

We can help.  Our seasoned Executives sat in your seat, the C-suite.  We are not consultants, we are Practitioners, with deep experience in project design, planning and staffing.  Collectively, we have planned and delivered thousands of projects, from companywide strategic efforts, to individual small roll-out endeavors.  We seek to understand the outcomes you want to achieve. We compare those with the skills you have and determine the best path forward to ensure significant likelihood of success in project planning, delivery and outcome.  Our team specializes in agile processes even within waterfall projects. We have certified product owners, SCRUM masters, and PMIs. We can help you set up successful project management practices that partner you’re your agile delivery.   We help you de-risk delivery. Who has your back to ensure you get the outcomes you seek?     


Frameworks matter – what’s yours?

Do you have the right skills?  Do you know your expected use cases?  Does your team? How are you ensuring quality in the code, the versioning, and merging process?  Do you have a sustainable framework? What are your code standards? Is your style guide current and complete?  Is your testing automated?

Businesses and consulting firms employ millions of developers across the globe.  There is a lot of talent out there. But do you? Is your business pursuing a digital transformation?  Are you planning or in the process of moving to a new framework and technology stack that delivers a user friendly, mobile-first responsive design?  Do you have the right skills, the right architecture, and the right framework to deliver? In the area of digital transformation, we do.

Our seasoned Executives sat in your seat, the C-suite.  We are not consultants, we are Practitioners, with deep experience in accelerating digital transformation.  Our strategic implementation teams have extensive experience helping companies design, build, test and deliver digital transformations.  Seriously, our expertise is deep. We talk digital architecture, cloud-based capabilities, responsive code, supporting infrastructure, automated quality testing, sustainable frameworks.  We also relentlessly drive the change management necessary through our projects to ensure sustainability after we leave. Digital transformations are not just about writing code. They are about delivering quality results, through both the business and technical efforts.  Need more insight, reach out. We are here to help.    


Recession smackdown – what are you automating?

Gartner predicts, “69% of routine work currently done by managers will be fully automated by 2024.”

What can and should be automated?  Where in IT have you automated?  Where are your processes and responses slow?  What is repetitive or manual?  Are you ready?   

Artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, machine learning, and quantum computing are all the buzz today.  Everyone is trying to chase the shiny keys. Yet, there seriously easy, low hanging fruit opportunities in most companies.  The issue is not if it is there.  The issue is why it is not prioritized yet?  There is money on the table, and in this time of crisis and fear of recession, we can help you quickly identify what to automate.  Instead of focusing on what “to cut,” maybe focus on “what to automate?” You will end up with better results.

We get this because we have been where you are.  We sat in the C-suite during the last recession. This time, technology has evolved.  There are real opportunities to automate throughout your business. Tasks that up until now, you may have thought were not worth it.  We challenge you on that. The companies that are going to pull forward, and win, will be those that automate their repeatable and manual processes, and put their humans in roles that add value and service. 

Curious about what your company’s real status on automation is?  We can help.

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