Crisis is complicated. Are you leading – or managing?

Are you overwhelmed with all the challenges? Do you have a clear view of what to manage versus what to lead? What are your priorities? Are your resources aligned to quickly achieve them? What is next?

Crisis brings chaos, unforeseen difficulties, complications, pressure, and flat out stress. It takes training and experience to step back amidst that chaos to make quality critical decisions under pressure. Even the greatest leader, under intense crisis, cannot simultaneously handle every challenge without assistance.

We can help. Our seasoned Executives sat in your seat, the C-suite. We are not just consultants, we are Practitioners, with deep experience especially in Crisis Management. We have been through the fire and come out the other side. Our team specializes in leading humans through crisis. We are a team of highly effective C-seat Executives, who walk alongside you during this Crisis to carry some of your load. Someone needs to manage the present, and someone needs to lead beyond the crisis. Who is doing what with your Crisis Response Team? We are a calm force amidst the storm. We can help.  


Change is hard. Are you driving it effectively – or crash and burning?

Driving Change
Change is hard.  Are you driving it effectively – or crash and burning?

Are you restructuring?  Are you changing your business model, operations or organization structure?  What are you communicating?   How have you aligned the hearts and minds of your people to the change in order to increase the likelihood of delivering results?

Successful change requires intentional effort, plans, investment, strong engagement and effective communication.  It’s not easy. Did you know 70-75% of all change efforts fail? The reasons are not related to the complexity of the change.  Rather, the failure is directly related to range of people issues from lack of clear leadership to poor communication.

We can help.  Our seasoned Executives sat in your seat, the C-suite.  We are not just consultants, we are Practitioners, with deep experience in Change Management.  Our team works with you to improve the capacity of your organization to adopt change.  Our experienced Practitioners are hands-on PROSCI-certified. We manage risk and conflict resolution while walking alongside you.  We communicate early and often. We use storytelling to win the hearts and minds of your people. We focus our efforts on both the team and the leaders to drive success.  Need to ensure you achieve your outcomes? Look to Reach Partners. We can help.  


Recession-resistant skills are critical for a leader today – do you have them?

What kind of leader do you need, now?  Are you winning?  What do you value?  What do you focus on?  Do you have high engagement?  Do you have high turnover?  What are you rewarding

Recession-resistant leadership skills are vital in the current environment, but scarce.  When things get tough and companies face crisis, leaders step up. Great leaders can maintain a long-term focus on their people while balancing the short-term pressures on the bottom line.  Great leaders typically have a high emotional IQ, calm in chaos, confident in periods of uncertainty, and grounded in values. Do you have great leaders?

We are seasoned Executives who sat in your seat, the C-suite.  We get the challenge of “coaching” at all levels throughout an organization.  We led from your seat during the last recession. We know what leadership competencies are needed, and how to coach at all levels of the organization to skill-up the leadership capabilities. 

When we take on a coaching assignment, we roll-up our sleeves and dig in, together.  We are respectfully direct – with you and your team. We believe that feedback is a gift.  Those leaders who are open to feedback, benefit from leadership coaching. Those that are not open to feedback, well, some respectfully direct feedback will be shared with you.  Our seasoned expertise works in your favor. We are able to swiftly step in and start coaching towards the leadership outcomes you define.

When immediate assistance is required, we get it.  We can help.


“Everyone on Team Reach has consistently met or exceeded my expectations. I trust you. I trust the people you bring to work with us.”

— Reach Client, $20+B category retailer

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