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Standing in Solidarity

June 3, 2020
  How does one begin to comprehend the senseless deaths of black men such as George Floyd? What seems even more incomprehensible is that his death, like many others, came at the hands of those meant to serve and protect. This has unleashed the raw emotion… Read More

Working as a Team in Quarantine

April 3, 2020
We’ve all been living in the Digital Age, but so many organizations are quickly finding out just how difficult it can be to conduct business as usual when going digital becomes the ONLY option. Some organizations are having to pivot more than others in an effort to keep… Read More

Transformation is in Reach

January 8, 2020
  Join us as we launch a new series: “Transformation Is In Reach” where we demystify the word “Transformation” and what it really means to CXOs and your businesses in 2020. Everyone from the C-suite to the Boardroom seems to be talking about Transformation, but do they really understand… Read More

As a Technology Leader, Where are You?

December 11, 2019
  Where are you sitting?  Figuratively and literally? Today’s business imperative defines your role, that of a technology leader, as sitting at the front, as a driver, as a visionary.   Recently, I spent time with David, CIO of an international 3+ Billion consumer facing company.  His experience provides a… Read More

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